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"Ou Manje Deja?" is a Creole phrase that literally translates to Did You Eat Yet? I consider this as one of the biggest love languages to exist. In most cultures, it is a welcoming phrase, a way to say that I care about you. 

I can vividly recall that every time I would visit my grandma or go to an elderly person's home, the first they would do a soon as walk in is ask you if you've already eaten. And it was almost sacrilegious to refuse, even if you had already eaten. 

Food is a universal language that brings people together. No matter where you're from, your economic, social, political, religious background we can all get together and enjoy good food.


Ou Manje Deja Retreat

Ou Manje Deja Retreat
How long have you been in the hospitality industry?
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Each year, a group of chefs, cooks and foodies travel to a specific destination for some well deserved relaxation, education and exploration.







Ou Manje Deja Pop-Up Series


For years, pop-ups have been many newcomers’ first step toward opening a restaurant, a way to show off their talent and try out new ideas. But now, some chefs and home cooks are treating the pop-up as an end in itself, using the dinners to explore and share their culinary traditions. Often, these meals feel like both academic seminars and family scrapbooks, an intimate anthropology told in beloved recipes and reclaimed ingredients.


As personal testimonies carry more weight in art and public discourse, pop-ups offer cooks a way to say, through food: “This is my history. This is who I am.”


If you're a restaurant owner looking to do a pop-up dinner with Chef Lemaire, you may send a message with the request

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