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Increase Profits in Your Food-Industry Business with a Chef Consultant

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You've heard the phrase, work smarter, not harder. Being a chef is hard work and managing a business is even more of a challenge. We love the art of our food, but as an entrepreneur, being profitable is just as important as the cuisine.

The beauty of the food industry is that there are plenty of talented individuals who can throw down in the kitchen. However, owning and operating a food-industry business is not of the same skill set. It takes an entrepreneurial mindset, business training, lived experience and proper training/education to operate a profitable food business entity. Here are some helpful articles for catering companies or restaurant owners:

What Does a Chef Consultant Do?

Menu planning and creation:

  • How to better create cohesive and balanced menus

Food cost control:

  • How to maintain profitable food cost margins

  • How to determine proper portions and establish consistency

Food and general Inventory:

  • Inventory management

  • Suitable use of merchandise

  • Stock control and evaluation

Waste management strategies and control

Proper food display and presentation

No matter the stage of business you’re in, Chef Lemaire is experienced and ready to help you create effective plans to take your food-industry business to the next level.

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About Chef Lemaire

Whether you’re a private chef, a restaurant owner or a food truck operator and you want to increase sales, there are many creative ways to do that with one being working with someone who has lived experience.

Award winning Chef Alain Lemaire is the Co-owner and Executive Chef of Sensory Delights, LLC a full service catering company based out of South Florida. He's been featured on "Luda Can't Cook" series on Discovery+ with award winning rapper, actor, restauranteur Chris "Ludacris" Bridges. He is also a contestant of the Food Network's hit series Cutthroat Kitchen and Chopped.

Chef Consultant Fees

·30-minute Zoom with Chef Lemaire $199.00

·Menu planning, creation, and costs $6,999.00

·Staff training (minimum one week) $2,499.00

·Food cost control strategies (one time session) $349.00

·Food and general inventory (one time session) $499.00

·Proper food display and presentation $399.00

Contact Chef Lemaire for Chef Consulting services.

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