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What Does It Take To Put A Dinner Menu Together?

Do you ever wonder what the process is to create a well balanced menu? The amount of time and research you have to put in? Or simply what goes well with what? I have some suggestions and tips for you.

1. First thing first, the key to creating a good menu is balance. You want to make sure that each course is well thought through and cohesive, that you don't end up with an inventory that is excessively large and overwhelming. Don't just throw things together just because it sounds fancy.

2. Each course should tell their own story, but at the same time complement each other. You want each of them to stand out, but also to be part of this harmonious ensemble: you need to know the theme, where you are sourcing the ingredients and what kind. Trust me, your guests experience depends on it.

3. As a chef, home cook, foodie, your role is to guide your client into making the right decision when it comes to food selection. I know, sometimes your clients just want to have everything possible under the sun, but do they make sense? Are every guests taken into consideration? For example, are their going to be any vegans, pescatarians, anyone with specific dietary or religious restrictions?

4. Aesthetics, presentation, colors, and flavors should be your top priorities. Since we eat with our eyes and nose first, make sure to wow them at from the jump. You have one shot at leaving a lasting impression, so take advantage of it.

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27 de out. de 2021

I really enjoyed this. We often forget what it takes to create great work in this industry.

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