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The Secret Ingredient For Your Next Memorable Event : A Private Chef

When events were canceled, postponed and our lives were turned upside-down during COVID, something revolutionary happened - we started valuing each other more. We saw how fragile life, family and friends are. Loved ones were connecting over the Internet more than they did in the past, and now, we are at a turning point. Events are back in full swing and we are back in the business of making memories.

Benefits to Hiring a Private Chef

· Create specialized menus based on customer requests

· Grocery shop for you for fresh ingredients

· Prepare meals at your home (or delivery to you)

· Customized menus for food allergies or dietary preference

· Provide you with detailed instructions for the weekly menus like cooking times, temperatures, etc.

· Cooking, serving and cleaning up

· Traveling with you (or to you) as needed needed

How to Hire Chef Lemaire for Private Chef Services or as a Traveling Chef

Although Chef Lemaire is based in South Florida, he is available as a traveling chef for dinner parties, special events, holidays, business trips, etc. on a freelance basis. He will work with you to create your dream menu.

How Much Does a Private Chef Cost?

We work with you based on your budget and menu preferences. Chef Lemaire is formally trained and has many years of experience working with clients with different budgets, styles and tastes.

By hiring Chef Lemaire for your next special occasion, you and your guests will get to relax and enjoy time together to celebrate with private parties, intimate dinners, boat parties, elegant galas or big celebrations. Check out exclusive content from Chef Lemaire on Instagram where he covers behind the scenes for events, chef lifestyle, food photos, reviews and more.

Celebrity Chef Lemaire is not only an expert in the kitchen, he is also a seasoned TV personality featured on Discovery+ Luda Can’t Cook, Food Network’s chopped : Goat 2021, Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen. Mo Molasses, Mo Problems 2015 and many more. The quality of the food is always important, but so is the company. Chef Lemaire’s personality and love for people is what will have your guests raving long after your event.

Contact Chef Lemaire to create your dream event !



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